Chemical Dependancy Counselor

Company Name:
Correct Care Solutions
Must possess a bachelor's degree in behavioral/social science field from an accredited college or university.
Have coursework and professional experience that indicates knowledge of mental health counseling, identification of mental health issues, crisis intervention, and mental health consultation.
Must maintain CPR certification, and any other certifications (such as First Aid) required by contract.
Job Description:
Essential Functions:
Responsible to provide mental health services under the direction of a licensed Mental Health Professional in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Facility, and in accordance with the ethics and standards of relevant professional organizations (e.g., NCCHC, NASW, APA).
Provision of mental health services must be in accordance with state guidelines regarding scope of services of bachelor's prepared professionals.
Responsible to report to the Mental Health Coordinator/Mental Health Director.
Responsible to interrelate and work effectively with Facility staff, inmates, and outside support agencies as delegated by Mental Health Coordinator/Mental Health Director.
Responsible to maintain the confidentiality of inmate information in accordance with State law and the Facility policy and the standards of the National Commission on Correctional Health Care and the American Correctional Association. Completion of specific duties and responsibilities as designated by the Mental Health Coordinator/Mental Health Director.
Designation of duties will be determined by current needs of the inmate population and the mental health technician's skill level.
Must be able to apply principles of critical thinking to a variety of practical and emergent situations and accurately follow standardized procedures that may call for deviations.
Must be able to apply sound judgment beyond a specific set of instructions and apply knowledge to different factual situations.
Job Responsibilities:
Under the supervision of a licensed mental health professional, the provision of psycho-educational programming to groups and individuals with the goal of improving the inmate's social, cognitive and problem-solving skills as well as skills of daily living.
Under the direction of a licensed mental health professional, triaging mental health concerns of inmates and advising appropriate clinical staff of any issue that may require immediate intervention.
Provision of consultation services as assigned by representing the institutional screening committees to include, but not limited to, Initial Classification Boards and Segregation Review Boards.
Provision of release planning through contacting community agencies and organizations to provide continuity of care for inmates with mental health issues who are set to be discharged from the Facility.
Provision of training in human behavior and/or mental health issues to institutional staff in accordance with the institution''s training program and as assigned by the Mental Health Coordinator/Mental Health Director.
Documentation of services provided in the inmate's health record.
Completion of regular reports of the employee's activities in accordance with policies and procedures.
Provision of supportive interventions to inmates diagnosed with major mental disorders by a licensed mental health professional.
Participation in staff meetings and in-service training programs. Notification to the Mental Health Coordinator/Mental Health Director of personal need for additional clinical supervision, overall problems in the delivery of clinical services, and/or proposals to improve clinical skills.
Maintain accountability for services provided through timely and accurate recording of activities on the provider record and through participation in the Quality Improvement program.
Compliance with employee standards of the Facility. Compliance includes, but is not limited to, the maintenance of a professional working environment and personal appearance consistent with professional responsibilities, development of harmonious working relationships, and timely notification of supervisory personnel of absences from institution.
Post Orders, if applicable, per site contract Perform other duties as assigned.
CCS is an EEO Employer
Requisition Number: 2515
Job Title: Chemical Dependancy Counselor
City: Wiscasset
State: Maine

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